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Crisis on Infinite EarthsWriter: Marv Wolfman

Artists: George Perez

Publisher: DC

Synopsis: Something is destroying the universe--not one, but all of the various parallel worlds. Consumed by anti-matter, one by one, until only a handful are left. The superheroes of the DC universe must team up to stop it before any more lives are lost.

How Is It?: Welcome to the one really scathingly negative review on this site so far. This miniseries is widely held to be a landmark in comics, and I'm certain it's very important to the continuity of the DC Universe. The trouble is, I don't really care about the continuity of the DC universe. And neither, I'm guessing, do a whole lot of other people, besides die-hard comics fans. Comics obeying this level of completely strict continuity always felt like a bad idea to me anyway--I'd rather pick up a Batman book and just dive on in to the ONE story being told--never mind the dozens of ongoing plotlines that might weave their way through a single book. Well, this plotline incorporates EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in the DC universe(s) of the time, and just keeping track of them becomes an ordeal. That is, when it's not downright funny. I mean, some of those unpopular mid-80s superheroes (many of whom were deliberately killed off in this storyline) are simply hilarious: "Lightning Lass"? "The Psycho-Pirate"? Then there's the fact that there are two supermans, one old and one young, and that half the dialogue consists of the characters trying to keep straight what the heck is going on; not to mention characters like The Flash and Supergirl "dying" (uh-huh) in less than spectacular ways. This isn't a story; it's a mail-order catalogue for DC's New Fall Lineuptm! If you're a really hardore DC fan you might want to check this out out of curiousity, but really, it becomes a chore two or three issues in.

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