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The WEB! Comix Ironically Titled FAQ

("Ironic" because no one has ever asked me one of these questions, let alone frequently.)

What the heck be WEB! Comix??

WEB! Is my attempt to have a real online comics page. Online comic strips are becoming quite common, and we're participating in that with Night Shift, but my hope is to go a little beyond that and offer a range of options, including more "serious" comics in the more standard format, following the leads of people like Scott McCloud, Mark Martin and Patrick Farley (see the links page).

And you would be?

Name's Adam Prosser, of no fixed address (none that I want to post on the web, anyway). Hint: it's in Toronto.

I have some formal training with computer-y art stuff, specifically computer animation, but right now I'm doing grunt work and trying to focus on this site. Pretty boring stuff, anyway.

What's on this site?

As you (hopefully) saw on the main page, there's a strip called Night Shift which updates 5 times a week, Monday to Friday. That's supposed to be the bait to draw people back here frequently for my other stuff, which updates not as often. Stuff such as Pogo Stick (a "telephone improv" or, as others have dubbed it, "panel jam", in which a different contributor adds each new panel); A very twisted in-progress "infinite canvas" comic currently called After the Gold Rush (which I'm gonna rename as soon as I start adding panels again); the now-defunct Lancelot, which was an early attempt at a continuing story based on the Arthurian mythos, but which I aborted because I had more original stories to tell; and, most significantly these days, Amazon Space Rangers, a tongue-in-cheek SF adventure comic, which is the focus of most of my energies right now, and which I'm particularly proud of.

As of this writing--November 2002--I have a lot more projects kicking around, the most important pending one being Freak U., a demented send-up of 80s college/high school/teen party movies. I also have a lot of cool stand-alone stories that may find a home on a part of the site I'm tentatively calling "Mahrchenland". More on these when there's something worthy of note. (I plan to get Freak U. off the ground sometime in January, BTW.)

How do I contact you?

Check it, there's a "drop me a line" link at the bottom of every page. But OK, it's

Do you have any sort of life at all? I mean, seriously.

No, but thanks for asking.

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