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Writer: Neil Gaiman

Artists: Various

Publisher: Vertigo (DC)

Synopsis: Death is one of the seven Endless, the beings who are similar to Gods but just a teeny bit more immortal. After being introduced in Sandman #8 as the older sister of Dream, she's become one of the comic world's most endearing and enduring cult characters. So it's not too surprising that Gaiman decided to devote a couple of special miniserieses to her.

How Is It?: See below.

The High Cost of Living

The High Cost of Living

Artists: Chris Bachalo

Synopsis: Once a century, Death is allowed to take the form of a living being for a day and get a sense of just what it is she's taking away. This time around she's in New York, where she has a run-in with a suicidal, morose teen who could stand a little of "Didi's" brand of philosophy. But Death's trip to the mortal realm has been marked by a number of significant parties with their own agendas, and eventually even Death is going to have to pay the price for living.

How Is It?: A superb, strangely uplifting little story that proves that Gaiman's Death may actually be a more memorable character than her brother Morpheus. The twist of this series about "Death" is that it's a celebration of life, and in most ways a generally light-hearted and fun story. There are, of course, thrills and chills, provided by a creepy blind guy who wants to steal Didi's Ankh, and the reappearance of Mad Hettie, but these don't detract from the more easygoing "day in the life" structure. What's more, after spending a while with Sexton you'll be aching for a chipper yet levelheaded girl like Death to talk some sense into him. The art, while hardly being mind-blowing, is somehow perfectly suited to the character of the piece: lots of sketchy, oppressive shadows that somehow make the bright patches brighter, and with well-sculpted and expressive characterizations. Soon to be a major motion picture, directed by Gaiman himself!

The Time of Your Life

The Time Of Your Life

Artists: Mark Buckingham, Mark Pennington

Synopsis: With Foxglove's musical career taking off, Hazel feels herself left behind. When Death gets involved, Foxglove needs to decide just what's most important in her life.

How Is It?: Not as good as "Cost of Living", but still an excellently emotional, if somewhat bleaker, read. (More soon.)

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