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Writer: Grant Morrison

Artists: Various

Publisher: Vertigo (DC)

Synopsis: A rebellious kid joins a team of terrorists fighting to take back reality.

How Is It?: Dense, mystifying and completely insane--and not neccessarily in a good way. Having only read this first TPB of The Invisibles, I can't judge the series as a whole, but so far I'm a little underwhelmed.

Say You Want a Revolution

Say You Want a Revolution

Synopsis: Growing up in Liverpool, England, Dane McGowan is a rebellious kid with a penchant for violence. After torching the school and beating up one of his teachers, Dane is sentenced to a stay in Harmony House, a juvie joint with some distinctly horrific goings-on. He's rescued by a mysterious figure named King Mob, who slowly begins his initiation into an elite and secret group called the Invisibles. From there it's a war against the forces trying to secretly control the human race.

How Is It?: The storyline starts out intriguingly, if a little fatuously (do the forces of law and order have to ALWAYS be the bad guys?) but Morrison seems a little too trapped by the idea of standalone plotlines. The story often stands still, or goes off on a head-scratching tangent, with the major questions going unresolved. What's more, there's little cohesion between the stories, and the events don't seem to follow any logical progression. It doesn't help that the art is surprisingly flat and unappealling. Does that mean I hate it? No. Morrison has an intensity that's infectuous, and he tosses around some intriguing ideas. My problems lie mostly in the fact that all the various arbitrary occurances aren't explained, so I'm sure that I might get into the story in later issues. For the time being, this is a little too self-indulgent for my tastes.

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