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Kingdom ComeWriter: Mark Waid

Artists: Alex Ross

Publisher: DC

Synopsis: An elderly minister is contacted by The Spectre (he's a DC superhero with occult powers, for those of you who didn't know) and taken to the future to bear witness to disturbingly apocalyptic upheavals of the DC Universe. Superheroes have become so populous and immoral that they're indistinguishable from bad guys, and their constant battling has turned the world's population into cowering sheep. That is, until Superman and the old Justice League returns to show them the real meaning of being a superhero. But events are conspiring to bring about a final battle between good and evil...

How Is It?: Unlike "Crisis on Infinite Earths", this story uses the vast DC Universe in a way that's dramatic, emotional and even has a certian moral and spiritual element to it. It starts as a long-overdue jab at the Spawn-style "superheroes" of the mid-90s, the ones who were so busy being angsty psychopaths they didn't really do anything to deserve the label of "hero". From there it turns into a nifty riff on the Book of Revelations, with Superman's "second coming" to put paid to Magog, the nasty "hero" who gained the adulation of the populace by finally killing the Joker, but also starting the corruption of justice that's ruining the world. Really clever storylines for many of the major heroes, and an "ending to end all endings" that provides a nice (if imaginary) closure for some of our best-known characters.

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