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Understanding ComicsWriter/Artist: Scott McCloud

Publisher: Vertigo (DC)

Synopsis: A whirlwind tour through the landscape of comics--their history, how they're composed and how they affect the viewer. McCloud focuses more on the potential and the strengths of comics, and on seperating them from the actual work that's been done within the medium--instead trying to be objective, and inspiring much discussion about the future of the medium.

How Is It?: The book that pushed me from interest in comics to fascination with them was this book by Scott McCloud. This is a non-fiction comic about comic books--not so much their history or a rundown of the greats, but a breakdown of their structure and what makes them so unique. Sound dull? Actually it's one of the most fascinating books I've ever read, and it blew my mind several times. McCloud's a genius, and the book itself (done in comics form) proves that comics are a great medium to communicate information clearly and entertainingly. The recently released sequel, Reinventing Comics, proposes some radical ideas in the development of comics now that they're on the web, and is one of the major inspirations for this site.

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