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Dramatis Personae

Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick is a "Telephone Improv" comic. That means a new person adds a panel every day, taking the story in a new direction. With six regular authors so far and a whole whack of contributors, the story keeps getting crazier and crazier. Here are the players so far:

FloydFloyd (or "Ffloyd", or "Flloyd", depending on who you ask) is an innocent doofus who just wanted a chance to try out his new Pogo Stick. But events conspired against him. Now he's at the center of a power struggle whose depths can hardly be fathomed. And it involves Pogo Sticks for some reason. Floyd owns "Floyd's Olde Timee Pogo Ranch", which the villains are intent on seizing...(First appeared: Panel 1.)

SneerySneery Backlash bears no resemblance to any other fictional character, live or dead. Move it along. (First appeared : Panel 3.)

BimboThe Bimbo doesn't have a name yet. For that matter, we don't really know whose side she's on, or what she wants, or where she came from. But the story needed a bimbo, dammit. (First appeared: Panel 5.)

PhineasPhineas Floyd McFarnsworth first claimed to be Floyd's great-grandpappy. Apparently he's not, however, which means he's probably under an assumed name. He's a mysterious midget with the ability to teleport and levitate. And he can adopt whatever accent is suited to the situation. (First appeared: Panel 7.)

LazloDuke Lazlo Pogofinger is the shadowy grandmaster behind the scenes of an international Pogo Trafficking Ring. He has an unsatiable appetite for Pogo-related properties; little else is known about him. (First appeared: Panel 19 or 20, take your pick.)

Dick Van PattonDick Van Patton is...actually I don't know. I think he was on some 70s TV show. Go ask Caleb, it was his idea. Anyway, he's also the Ultimate Weapon for destruction. (First appeared: Panel 21)

GabbyGabby is Floyd's faithful retainer and Pogo Corralmaster. And now he's in love...awwwww. (First appeared: Panel 23.)

The Pogo AvengerThe Pogo Avenger. I just have no idea. (First appeared: Panel 24.)

Green GuysThe Little Green Guys. They're little,, that one's pretty much self-explanatory. (First appeared: Panel 24.)

Man With Pogo Stick Up Nose & ButtocksThe Man With A Pogo Stick Up His Nose and Buttocks. Just for something completely different. (First appeared: Panel 33.)

Mini-PattonsThe Mini-Pattons are comprised of the debris of the large Van Patton. I mean, duh. (First appeared: Panel 40.)

Mama CassMama Cass. It's getting really hard to come up with explanations for this &*$%. (First appeared: Panel 45.)

Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze is the star of such films as Dirty Dancing and Road House. His appearance in Pogo Stick marks the beginning of his big comeback. (First appeared: Panel 66.)

YogurtYogurt. MOICHANDISING!!! (First appeared: Panel 71.)


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